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Compression Knee Sleeves

By Copper Fit

* Price includes a pack of 2. Copper Fit® Freedom compression sleeves feature an improved performance fabric blend that provides mild to moderate compression for all-day comfort. The contour construction won’t lose its shape and delivers the superior perfect fit and joint comfort. Copper-infused to reduce odor.


Copper Fit's NEW performance fabric delivers superior support in an all-day comfort compression. NEW contour construction tapers at the Knee and Elbow for perfect fit and joint comfort Improved compression and fabric recovery — will not lose shape or function over time 4-Way stretch for maximum flexibility — an unrestricted full range of motion. Wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable all day. Discreet, smooth fit even under regular clothing. Copper Infused to reduce odors.

* Individual results vary. Results are not typical. Studies of compression garments have shown faster relief of muscle soreness and joint pain when worn for 12-48 hours after exercise.

Advanced Features

Contour icon Contour
Breathable icon Breathable
Moisture-Wicking icon Moisture-Wicking
Compression Support icon Compression Support
Recovery icon Recovery
Copper Infused icon Copper Infused
Size Guide Compression Knee Sleeve size guide Compression Knee Sleeve size guide

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Motion Activated
Compression Support
Copper Infused
Micro Encapsulated
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Sweat Wicking