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Energy Compression Socks - White

By Copper Fit

Why Energy? Everyone needs a boost in their step. The cushion and support in our Energy Compression Socks energize you with all the power you need to work, sweat and rest in all-day comfort. Power up your every step!

Features and Benefits

Compression socks help reduce swelling and provides energizing support for improved foot and leg comfort, performance, and endurance. A luxuriously cushioned footbed helps absorb shock and provides all-day comfort. A sleek and stylish design for everyday wear. Copper-infused to reduce odor.

*Individual results may vary. Studies of graduated compression socks have shown reduced swelling and fatigue, faster relief of muscle soreness and joint pain, and improved comfort.

**Patent Technology WO/2006/117702

Copper Technologies

Advanced Features

Graduated CompressionGraduated Compression
Increases CirculationIncreases Circulation

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The Highest Quality for Heightened Well-Being

Motion Activated
Compression Support
Copper Infused
Micro Encapsulated
Sweat Wicking