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Elite Wrist Sleeve

By Copper Fit

Why Elite? The athlete in us all needs the gold star in comfort and performance. Your body needs more, your muscles need more, so we give you more in our wrist compression sleeve… more support and more comfort to do what you love. Enhance your every move!

Features and Benefits

The Copper Fit® Elite Wrist Compression Sleeve offers strong compression to support your wrist without limiting mobility. Don’t let aches and pains sideline you. The Copper Fit® Elite Wrist Compression Sleeve is suitable for all activities from around the house to hitting the gym.

• Medium to Strong Compression provides more support
• Compression may help improve circulation and reduce muscle recovery time
• Provides more compression, more support and more flexibility
• Reinforced Bank to keep sleeve from slipping
• Enhanced, anti-chaffing proprietary seamless knit for maximum support
• Contour design for the perfect fit
• 4-way stretch for 360° motion
• Moisture Wicking
• Copper-infused yarns


Ideal for work, sports, or wearing at home, this sleeve helps provide comfortable support for muscle stiffness, soreness, and pain. Compression may help improve circulation and mitigate muscle fatigue by keeping muscles warm.

Copper Technologies

Advanced Features

Copper InfusedCopper Infused
Adjustable strapsAdjustable straps
Odor reducingOdor reducing
Size Guide Elite Wrist Sleeve size guide Elite Wrist Sleeve size guide

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Motion Activated
Compression Support
Copper Infused
Micro Encapsulated
Sweat Wicking