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Ice Knee Sleeve

By Copper Fit

Why ICE? Our ICE knee compression sleeve releases a cooling sensation and provides all-day support right where you need it most. The more you move, the more ICE works for you!


NEW anti-chaffing, all-day comfort, circular knit compression helps provide more support than any other Copper Fit® sleeve. Compression helps temporarily relieve muscle and joint aches and pains, improve circulation, and reduce swelling and recovery time Patented**. Micro-Encapsulation Technology infuses the cooling sensation of menthol and the energizing properties of CoQ10 into the compression fabric The more you move, the more ICE is released.

* Individual results vary. Compression has been shown to improve circulation and temporarily relieve muscle and joint aches and pains, and speed recovery time. Compression garments are only effective when they are being worn and properly sized.

** Patent technology WO/2006/117702

Advanced Features

Relief icon Relief
Micro Encapsulated icon Micro Encapsulated
Moisture-Wicking icon Moisture-Wicking
Knit Compression icon Knit Compression
Recovery icon Recovery
Copper Infused icon Copper Infused
Motion Activated icon Motion Activated


Position the middle of the sleeve over the knee. You may need to adjust the sleeve position a few inches up or down to get desired compression and comfort.

Size Guide Ice Knee Sleeve size guide Ice Knee Sleeve size guide

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Motion Activated
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Copper Infused
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