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Improving Your Posture


Improving Your Posture
Improving Your Posture

Well, it's a fact that having bad posture is not good for your overall health. Basically, if you do not hold your body up correctly you can experience health problems - but we are here to tell you that it is easy to correct. You REALLY should check this out...


Improving Your Posture is SO Good for You... Got to Check This Out...

Basically, your posture is how you hold up your body and there is two different ways of looking at it. When you are standing, sleeping, or sitting, that is your Static Posture. Now when you are running, walking, or bending over that is your Dynamic Posture. When these are going well for you, it is good for your overall health. You really do want to occasionally think about your posture during the day. Keeping yourself in good alignment while you walk, jog, run, sit, sleep, or even watch TV or work at the computer is important to your overall health.


Doing exercises that work to strengthen your core are excellent for your lower back, pelvis, and abdomen. Look online for some good suggestions. Classes like tai chi and yoga are particularly good for you. And sitting at the right comfortable height is important, like at your desk or computer, eating meals, watching television, or just relaxing. And it is all true that being overweight (and depending how heavy you are) can really affect your posture in a negative way. So, having a good diet along with exercise really is helpful for you.


Now during your workday, if you do a lot of sitting, you really want to take quick two-minute walks every hour to stretch which will help to relieve tension while pumping some much-needed blood into your muscles. Not crossing your legs while you sit, sitting up straight with your shoulders back, and continually changing your position is all very good for you. Yeah, it takes a little work, but if you concentrate on these things for a while, it will start to become automatic and won't even think about it, you'll just do it!


We really cannot stress enough that having good posture really is good for your health. It's easy to do and not a lot of work so how about giving it a try... because you're worth it!

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